Tuesday, January 31, 2023


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 Lions Project for Canine Companions will be funding the beautiful fountain that will be built in the center of the new state-of-the-art Canine Health and Wellness Center. We hope you will help support our $50,000 pledge!


As part of Canine Companions’ strategic plan, they’re now looking to expand their breeding capabilities with the goal of providing more quality dogs to more clients – decreasing their wait list and extending the reach of our mission.
A new Canine Health and Wellness Center at NorthWest Training Center is key to this future. The Canine Health and Wellness Center (CHWC) will:
- Include a modern, in-house veterinary clinic to ensure the highest standard of care for mothers and neonatal litters.
- Enable them to support, educate and train our national community of volunteers on our highest standard of care and training.

  • Provide a center for conducting research to further the mission and benefit the service dog and disability communities world-wide.
  • This new state-of-the-art facility will enable them to increase the number of puppies born each year from 800 in 2020 to a
    projected 1300 in 2025 with a complementary expansion in their critical breeder caretaker community of volunteers from 90
    to over 200. In addition, they will ensure hospital-level bio security and the highest standards of care for dams and neo-natal litters.

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Area Director Spotlight! Lions Project Past President, Teresa Hart turning in her 14th puppy, Wavey and starting her new journey with puppy #15, Trevor V. Thank you for your continued dedication to Lions Project and Canine Companions! 🐾


Wavey (20 months), Trevor V ( 9 weeks) Friday August 13, 2021. Time for Wavey to learn 15 to 20 new commands in the next 6 months. Hopefully in February 2022 Wavey will choose someone as his partner providing more independence to their life.
Trevor V is my 15th puppy to raise, start the whole process all over. It can be back breaking until they are taller, but also a very cute age.
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